Strategy weight loss: how to lose weight once and for all

For the past year, as I again put on weight after a regular weight loss Yes, Maura. The whole hour I'm eating favorite hedgehog after 18:00 hours and after 23:00, eat a lot. But don't get fat as before!

May clients, which I managed to get through, stopped to sit on a diet and jump on a cardio workout for the week and holiday, and chose the correct strategy of losing weight. They're not worried that losing weight slowly (2 pounds per month), they're happy to get the vaccine the truth the hell of endless advertising of fast result AB for life!

If you are sitting in now on a regular diet, go make a sandwich a little more and come back to read this article! Will talk about weight loss once and for life.

strategy of weight loss

Due to what we lose weight

For starters, let's examine how the process of weight loss? Thus, in order to lose weight, we need to create a caloric deficit. That is, you need to spend more calories than you get. To generate a calorie deficit in two ways: food and exercise. There are still 3rd, which complements the hedgehog and fitness phenomenon is not a separate option weight loss activity outside of training (your favorite 10 000 steps).

Options deficit

This means you can cut the hedgehog and the required deficit and start losing weight, while not going to the gym. Or can eat chocolates and work out in the gym more than I had ate Ezana. And in that and in other case, you will lose weight.

But what you lose weight, mill or buttocks, it is unknown. The result is not predictable. In both cases. What to do after weight loss to store the result? About this, unfortunately, does not write recommendations for any diet.

Calorie deficit

Let's start with the food. Any diet from the Internet — it's a huge calorie deficit, cuts in food of your own, for example, the usual 2300 — 2500 and 1000 kcal per day. By itself, the hedgehog in them small is important. The point of any diet — to create the maximum deficit. Accordingly, the larger the deficit, the faster the process of losing weight.

Hello big deficit is primarily a hormonal disturbance and high risk of breakdowns.

In the long-term strategy for weight loss, the calorie deficit should be small — 200, a maximum of 400 calories per day. Never immerse the daily norm of calories and a value less than 1500! This is the lowest threshold of healthy norms for women over the age of 16.

With a small caloric deficit and proper work in the gym you start to lose love it is due to subcutaneous fat. Optimal weight loss formula is a 3 week deficit, then 3 weeks of content. That is, the first 3 weeks you eat 200 — 400 calories less than your daily allowance, then 3 weeks eat daily norm. Ale does not exceed it! Geta is important. He's dropped a few lbs. Then a new circle: the shortage of content. And so Yes, that hour until you get the desired numbers. I do not recommend to sit on the deficit without content, as there will be failures which de-motivate you to this very important matter, which will definitely turn your life 180 degrees.

How to calculate your rate?

It is very individual. And if we are talking about a deficit of 200 calories — it is important not to be mistaken with the norm. In this respect the nutrition specialists there is a formula based on your measurements. But if there is no possibility to pass such testing, then the easiest way is to listen to your body by observation. Try some Zen to eat 3 times a day with clean food (cereals, meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and 20 g of vegetable oil and butter in half) and observe the changes in weight and amount of food. Very difficult with such a food basket to overeat, if you do not add sugar and tasty sauce, or you can start frying. Considering the daily requirement of calories for 1-2 weeks and watch the weight that is unlikely to change for the worse, you need to figure the right amount. These data will be of your body, which is very important.

Then the hell of this rule will select 200 — 400 calories to create a deficit. Under 200 is better than 300 or 400!

proper weight loss

What if this is?

All the information on the chaos about to this phenomenon to eat to lose weight — nothing more than information for people who have a lot of free time to go shopping and look for on Abed Chia seeds. In regular people who work 8 or more hours, raising children, engaged in other important issues, no hours and the opportunity to lead such a lifestyle. To carry on the work container with the food — it's cool to order a ready-made hedgehog with a normal amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates — it's very convenient. But most importantly in the issue of weight loss is that these containers you are not tired after a couple of weeks and you wouldn't throw important initiative. If you are used to talking with colleagues in lunch break in your favorite dining area, do not deny yourself the pleasure! Now everywhere you can find everything. The main thing is to choose! Remember that the most important principle of effective weight loss — you should be comfortable. You don't have to feel like a pariah, choking lentils in the kitchen when all are friendly company for lunch.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates

Formula of proteins, fats and carbohydrates also each pile. Someone comfortable to deal with the reduction of fat and increase the protein in food begins to lose weight. I was fading away when I increased the carbs in your diet! Yes, every day pasta and cereal, while minus 16 kg of pure fat! The issue is different, you will not find a single formula in a table, you need to experiment with the menus until you find the perfect formula. In any case, you can lose weight with a deficit of kcal's to run the necessary processes will help balanced diet. Other times cutting back on carbs towards protein disrupts your appetite and you wildly want chocolate. The main principle that you need to remember: in the skin of your meal should be proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. A goal should be to develop proper eating habits.

Themselves on their own nutrients is very important to restore the hormonal levels. For a person with hormonal disorders need the help of a nutritionist. If you're a relatively healthy person, you will be able to balance the ration. Don't complicate this process, and then leave, never having achieved the result! The fact that you will find some hours calories, it is very emotionally complicated. Start with simple, if it is not possible to make a menu with a specialist. Keep the balance in carbohydrates at 70% complex and 30% faster. Protein the rate of 1-1. 5 g per kilogram of your weight (crazy rezza according to the hell pit of your AB workouts) and a minimal amount of fat. But do not overdo it with low fat products, fats you also definitely need! 5% cottage cheese is an excellent choice of fat.

The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates change according to different formulas and observe yourself when you better carry a deficit of 200 kcal, and if you lose weight.

Another question on nutrition

Can I eat after six? No matter what time of day you will take a hedgehog. Recommendation do not eat after 6 is because in this case you miss one meal, that will automatically reduce your diet by 25 -30%, this creates a calorie deficit and you will begin to lose weight. If you have already created a deficit, you can eat at a convenient hour.

Do not eat two hours of sleep, as this adversely affects the recovery process. Well, in General metabolic processes after 16:00 the man slowed down, hence the support for the view that you can not eat after six. Hello slow — it does not mean that they cease to be a simple job goes slower. It is this average temperature in the hospital, because if your main activity and exercise fall on the other half of the day, your metabolism probably works differently. I managed for 5 months to lose 16 kilos, eating every night at 22:00 — 23:00, despite the metabolism!

Choose a workout

Thus, once you have established a power, it is necessary to understand with exercises: which program to choose, what load, what exercises and General fitness mode. There are many options, you can push the hell interests. But perhaps you are wondering why so many people go in the hall over the years and still distant ideal of hell or why the marathon races so many fat people.

The choice of sport and activity must be associated with your goals. If we are talking about creating a beautiful and losing weight for life, then the activity should be 70-80% connected with workouts aimed at muscle growth.

sleep for weight loss

Power vs cardio

Why is it that priority is given to strength training? But because only with them we will be able to grow muscle mass, which is so necessary for a beautiful whole. Cardio, on the contrary, burns along with fat and muscle. And they have many contraindications and negative effects on the process of losing weight. Hell cardio you feel very hungry, leading and failures in nutrition and brings an eerie discomfort, if we are in a deficit. Also Yes cardio leads with spikes of cortisol, which negatively affects the process of weight loss.

But people used to compare in a forehead of the calories you burned in cardio and strength regime, not taking into account the essence of what we need hell of training. Despite the fact that the calories burned during cardio can be twice more, in power mode it last longer, calories consumed during the day after strength training. And the most important thing — cardio is not may nothing to do with muscle growth, which is so necessary.

Why you need a coach

If you hear phrases such as "5 of the best exercises for buttocks" or "Training for all a" and t.. D. is only an abstraction and allegory that help to describe one of the tools one workout. And to create a beautiful whole for many years, it primarily should go about the training program. It needs to include strength-training, and the progression of weights, and different exercises for the same muscle group under a different inclination, and different load on different muscle groups in connection with special shapes, and development of various functional skills. For this I recommend to find a professional coach, who is deeply immersed in the subject may experience with such tasks and will help you avoid injury hell self-study with the wrong equipment. Well, if your coach will be a charismatic expert is not easy to work competently with your body, but also to give the necessary psychological support and motivation, this is 90% of success in the process of your transformation.

Please note that if a professional athlete prepares and competitions, it is required to have a coach, and even if this athlete and he could easily train other people and events. This is because myself is very difficult to train even professional. We regret not finalizing the right pair of reps that will give a welcome effect. Well, if you have nothing and sport, to create a program and deliver technique is very difficult as proven by the examples of many people who regularly work out on their own and without having any and even medium results in the formation of the desired shape.

Important points that are often ignored

This is a dream. This is very much written and said. I'll just say: if you don't get enough sleep, the effect is hell of your efforts in training is reduced almost two times and be sure there are breakdowns in the diet. Our muscle fibers are restored during sleep, and if hours of sleep were small, the muscles are not recovered and therefore not increased. And we found out that the presence of muscles in the body — the key to a beautiful figure.

The rate of weight loss

Optimal weight loss is 1.5−3 kg in a month. This, of course, about pure fat. You have to understand that to lose 2 kg in a month is very good, although a friend Tanice lost 7 kg per month — and this is a bad result. There are more means worse! Why do I emphasize it? Because you must have adequate perception of the process. One of our client after months of intensive training and improving the diet did not wish to extend the weight loss program, and I asked her: "what's the matter?" She said, "I lost only 5 kg hell your workouts, it's so small..." only! Just imagine that a woman dumped for the month of 5 kg, and if in a year it will be 60 kg! Small?

Please, be sensible and think about long term results! Take on creating the perfect shape for two years, and during this period you will be able to achieve stunning results. Be reduced by 2-3 size clothing you can, and for the first six months, but the remaining hour will be spent on the creation of the proportions and topography.

exercise for weight loss

And the hormones?

If you know about a hormonal problem, then go and expert on diet, which will restore hormonal balance. And, as a consequence, side effects mill weight loss. After that you will be able to balance your diet.

And if you want to lose weight quickly, but the trip to the sea?

To understand, you will do this or not, here's a table visualization of the two strategies. Compare and decide whether this trip is another hormonal surge for your body and then return a couple of extra pounds.

If all is worth, it advice mediocre: a large deficit and a lot of training. Best with loads of cardio will help. Excellent and most effective result of training on the system of HIIT and EMS training program at the same high intensity technique.