How to lose weight, the most effective ways to 7 kg per week

Imagine preobrazheni to the mirror, examining his own reflection in the upcoming spring, a lot of ladies are wondering: how to lose weight at least 7 kg per week, delete Lyashko bulging belly and plump. This task is not a simple thing, however, that can be applied.

Possible weight 7 kg this week?

weight 7 kg this week

No illusions feeder and measured by evaluating the next weight Loss Women's for some reason: how weight 7 kg quickly? Of course all drugs: diuretics and laxatives drugs, miracle pills overseas , hunger and cosplay in the gym. But here comes the disappointment: there are a lot of side effects diet pills plus female at a gym and just add weight for the facility.

The recommendations of the experts: weight is large, a fast way to lose weight without your doctor's advice is very difficult. Maybe require treatment for health problems. Then develop a strategy that will help weight loss doctor for a comprehensive examination without any harm to the body.

The first step for those who want effective weight 7 kg – a properly chosen diet the week covering.

How to lose weight, the most effective methods to 7 kg per week

Examination question: a weight of 7 kg per week at home with a nutritional perspective, the diet and highlight the various lines. Each one can be called tight.

Best slimming diet

slimming diet

Choosing the perfect existing diets for weight loss, 7 kg per week, you need to remember the main rules for success:

  • a limited number of used product
  • significantly reduced energy value menu
  • what weight metabolism and minimizing carbohydrate intake provokes touch

A sharp severe dietary restrictions to test the physical and psychological status. There's a big psychological risk stalling and blocking fat burning.

Interesting: features such as nutrition as the concept of "Plateau" in the graph reduce body weight. During this time, a shortage of calories, the body begins in the emergency mode and block consumption, body fat. No need to panic! Become accustomed to a new regime that will weight loss and heals the body as soon as possible.

Estonia diet

This plan represents primarily the mono-diet. A product that is recommended to be consumed every day, the amount of stretching all day. You need to drink water at least 1.5 liters of volume is held, power, sugar, sauces, spices, salt, coffee, tea.

A day Product Number of days
Monday Chicken eggs, boiled Six
Tuesday Low-fat cottage cheese 1 kg
Wednesday Chicken fillet (boiling or steaming) 300 GR
Thursday Boiled rice 100 g semolina 1 litre of water to a boil
Friday Peel the boiled potatoes Six
Saturday Fresh apples 1 kg
Sunday Low-fat yogurt 1.5 L


  • various;
  • effective weight loss;
  • also the intake of protein and carbohydrates;
  • the amount of mass is sufficient protein stores Nov.


  • a sharp calorie restriction;
  • possible constipation;
  • almost a full disclaimer carbohydrates can cause fatigue;
  • contraindications chronic diseases, digestive system, kidney, heart.

Diet eggs

Diet eggs

If you want to lose weight, at least 7 kg per week at home with nutrition or special diet, attention, egg diet. Food cannot add the sugar, a little salt did add good flavor to sauces.

A day Breakfast Lunch is always the answer In the evening is always the answer
One 2 eggs, grapefruit 1 egg, orange, chicken 150g 200ml yoghurt, 200 gr chicken
Two 2 eggs, a glass of orange juice 2 grapefruit, 150g chicken 2 eggs, orange, 200ml milk, low ginott
Three 1 egg, a cup of tea (with lemon optional) grapefruit, 200 grams of chicken 2 eggs
Four 3 egg omelette with the addition of Yesil vegetable salad, 200 gr chicken eggs, 2 Orange
Five salad, boiled carrots, greens, low-fat sour cream and two eggs 2 a glass of fresh carrot juice, citrus fish stew with lemon, egg
Six 150g low-fat cheese, a glass of citrus juice 2 eggs and an orange mineral water
Seven 2 eggs, half a grapefruit 200 grams meat, Orange mineral water

Recommended diet: grapefruit citrus sour is sufficient. To solve this problem, acid beverages, non-carbonated mineral water, alkaline type.


  • 10 kg effective weight loss for this week;
  • tedious a hearty menu;
  • all the ingredients needed for the purchase;
  • prevents the egg of digestible protein, Nov dystrophy;
  • Vitamin H accelerates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, reduces blood sugar;
  • grapefruit enzymes regulating the formation of insulin, curbs appetite;
  • numerous vegetables and prevents constipation.


  • are not suitable for people who have kidney disease, gout;
  • may cause increased gas formation.

Diet "has a negative evening every time, the answer is"

In this case, weight 7 kg with this diet and bad diet this week as always the answer is not abandonment in the evening. The realization of The Last Supper at the latest at 16:00. This diet plan is for you "a lark" and "Owl" have to is not easy.

Day/meal Breakfast     Lunch is always the answer  
  Product Reception 1 a serving   Product Reception 1 a serving
Monday Steamed fish 50 gr Boiled eggs   One
  Sprinkle with the salad leaves, olive oil through servings Bread, whole wheat bread, hardtack   2 slices
  Kefir 1% 250 ml Boiled meat, chicken or Turkey   90 g
Tuesday Product Service procurement Product   Service procurement
  celery unlimited Nonfat yogurt   1 cup
  Boiled beef 80 g Nonfat cottage cheese   100 gr
  Boiled potatoes and carrots One Oatmeal water   Servings
  Sugar-free tea Yesil 1 cup Palm   Five
Wednesday Chicken broth salt 250 ml Rye bread   2 slices
  Full-grain bread Three Boiled beef   50 gr
  A pair of chicken breast 50 gr Spinach   Unlimited
      Apples, oranges   One
Thursday Boiled buckwheat Servings Boiled rice   servings
  Kefir 1% 250 ml Fresh citrus   250 ml
  Slicing tomatoes, sprinkle with olive oil servings Cheese, prunes   100 gr
      Kiwi, grapefruit   One
Friday Boiled beef 60 g A pair of chicken breast   50 gr
  Boiled eggs One Boiled potatoes   One
  Cucumber One Orange, apple   One
  Bulgarian pepper Two Walnut   Two
      dried apricots   Three
Saturday Chicken broth salt 100 ml Boiled brown rice   Servings
  Couple red fish fillet 100 gr Salad leaves, tomatoes, lemon juice, sesame seeds   servings
  Yesil peas 3 tablespoons Kiwi, banana, non-fat milk (after meal 30 min.)   1 cup
  Rye bread One      
  Yesil tea 1 cup      
  honey 1 teaspoon      
Sunday Boiled chicken breast 60 g Boiled lentils   Servings
  Boiled buckwheat 1 servings Boiled beef   100 gr
  Bell peppers One Yogurt, low-fat   125 gr
  Cottage cheese, fat-free 2 tbsp.spoon Almond   30 g
  Black tea 1 cup      
  Honey 1 teaspoon      
  Raisins a handful      


  • fast weight reduction;
  • configures the body early dream, build physiological mode;
  • rich, well-balanced menu;
  • chelovek content of all necessary nutrients.


  • after breakfast lunch difficult to endure;
  • it is not suitable, people with gallbladder diseases.

Important! Important regardless the type of diet non-carbonated drinking water amount of 1.5 to 2 l

Complex, exercise, weight loss, home

Complex, exercise, weight loss, home

If what you're thinking, how weight 7 kg a week at home without anything exercise. Problematic areas are one of the most effective for fat burning here:

  • Nov planck trunk and the extremities;
  • sinav – tightens, pecs;
  • for squat, the muscles of the hips, the back piece of the hips, abdomen, back;
  • plié – squats knee with wide spaced for drying the inner thighs;
  • mahi kick in the position sitting and lying hips and thighs to reduce the amount of.

This is the basic exercises to interpret a specific area.

Shape in just 10 minutes per day to spend on:

With a week before the sport to lose weight, Why don't you just buy a normal wife and Lyashko, consider:

  1. Loosen up the muscles for the first course.
  2. Training must be intense, but our technology mode.
  3. Takes 30 seconds break between sets.
  4. Remember, drink water between sets down his throat.
  5. Exercise not only is the correct method.
  6. Workout at least one hour after a meal. Post-workout, not 2 hours there
  7. Add a complex home, dancing, jogging or swimming. So when you accelerate your weight loss.

Plan is presented in the following table, the training example will help to solve a question: How to weight 7 kg a week at home. Nov in front of the property a building exercise all groups. then stretching exercises.

The day of the week Complex Complex composition Day
Monday To burn belly fat Sitting in the starting position,–. Remove the foot, lower leg and in parallel related to gender. Hand along the line, have an inclination safe little half. The position of the tobacco will be for as long as possible. Slowly you will stay for a while.
    Top with sleeve and Slat 90 sec
Tuesday Thighs and buttocks Starting position – standing. Pull up a leg lift. The second leg the same again. 10-15 times
    The same exercise again, but with a twisted knee kick 10-15 times
    Plié. The common breed of hip and crouch. This is not safe, crashes, and moves forward up and down 15-20 times
Wednesday Abdominal and side Twist and a bicycle. The starting position, lying, put your hands behind your head. Lift, knee, chest, torso, right and push up to meet him. Perform for both sides 15-20 times
    By focusing on the edge of the slat forearm. May complicate: to make emphasis on an outstretched hand, and the second lift 90 sec
Thursday Foot Lunges forward. In this case, the front hip parallel to the ground, the angle that form the knee promodj 20-30 times
    The pelvis of the climb. The starting position, lie, feet shoulder width. Lift the pelvis high 20-30 times
Friday El Sinav wall connections, elbows to the body 30-40 times
    Sinav with emphasis rear on a flat surface 25-30 times
Saturday Waist Lying on your back, raise the foot flat on the ground 15-20 cm, printed and tobacco. This kind of touches the waist. The position of the tobacco will be for as long as possible. Slowly you will stay for a while.
    Stand up straight, put your hands in front of your chest, stop in for a spin. Breath – pozvonochnik pull up, breath – to scrutinis opportunities. 30-40 times
Sunday Breast Starting position – sitting or standing, back straight, hands folded in front of the chest rugu handful of friends. Take a circular motion, shoulder, back, reducing your shoulder blades together. This push handfuls Salem. It is possible to tweak the ball between them 30-40 times

Use pharmacy meds

Then after that lonely how to lose weight 10 kg per week with diet and sports, we are trying to remove the other means that through a fuller and wife Lyashko pharmacy.

There are several types medications for weight loss:

  1. Affects the central nervous system (noradrainergicakih and anorectic), suppress the hunger, the doctor is assigned only in rare cases, addictive. These drugs Reduxine, Meridia, liragluti et al.
  2. Stimulating strengthen the power, increase the burning of calories, endurance: Carnitine, Fenotropil, ostari, etc.
  3. If there is assigned to the endocrinologist Hormonal indications: sexual, thyroid stimulant, digestive hormones.
  4. Peripheral digestive system running effect, block splitting and lipid absorption: Corsten are all at, Xenical.
  5. Type of psychotropic (sibutramine) the effect on the soul, reduces appetite. Taken under doctor's supervision and prescriptions, cause dangerous side effects. These Li, Diets City, Yu Shu.
  6. Low glucose level affects the satiety Center in the hypothalamus – Siofor.
  7. Detox diuretic and laxative, bowel and excrete excess water: Canada, Dulcolax Furosemide.

Before deciding weight 7 kg a week with pills without dieting I remember, only 13 years of allowing them to practice.

Use hardware techniques

Use hardware techniques

Those 7 kg a week weight without dieting how to do this and I'm thinking, attention, hardware a technique. These are:

  1. Cavitation – ultrasound subcutaneous fat destruction. See decreases the volume of a single session 1-2: classes between approximately 10 sessions.
  2. Mesotherapy – introduction under the skin with special needles fat burning, Anti-cellulite, a cocktail.
  3. Vibration of the duct together using a special machine hardware fitness and Ankara also. Lesson – 1 or 2 months.
  4. Infrared rays accelerate local blood circulation and promote metabolism.
  5. Hardware profound effects muscles massage improves metabolism, increases the production of collagen and elastin.

Hardware techniques combining diet and weight per week for no more than 7 kg.

Ask the experts questions

Nutrition and fitness trainers that can give you comprehensive answers the question: how in a quick and efficient way without harm to health, weight 7 kg.

Can I get to lose weight, 7 kg per week without dieting?

I don't know all the To Lose Weight, How weight 7 kg better for a short time, an important point to be aware is a diet that is expressly issued in this regard. Can't be a miracle tool to believe that a pill or a machine that will instantly solve all the problems overweight. Combat Minority – this is a comprehensive approach. First, deciding to leave, 5 more pounds and weeks, and will remove belly fat at home to gather all his fist Lakha and change, it's a lifestyle.

The hazardous weight 7 kg this week?

No matter what kind of advertising with a word "Weight 7 kg this week" is always the question: How does this without sacrificing your health. Incredulous tomorrow, 1 kg day – this is an incredible load to the body. What manages to throw in a situation one day when this excess water and cleanse the colon. Me much more slowly than fat.

But how fast weight 7 kg this week? We lack weight, calories, physical activity, and various new technologies. If tool chips, you can achieve a perfect result.

The score is fine, weight in a short period of time to lose up to 7 pounds – half. Most importantly, the result is not correct, the weight you lost back.


With the fight overweight – this is hard work, but the result is always happy. The result of a combination of a slim figure and good health, proper nutrition, an active lifestyle and an optimistic attitude.