Watermelon diet

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The end of summer and the beginning of autumn is the time to experience a food program based on juicy watermelon fruits. Watermelon diet can be an effective way to fight obesity and help cleanse the body of toxic compounds. Positive dynamics can be marked after a few days. How to properly formulate a diet for diet days and what threatens the abuse of watermelons? What does the berry combine perfectly with and how many kilograms can you lose? Reviews for weight loss, the expected effect and delicious in this article we have collected diet options.

The basis of the diet is the pulp of a ripe watermelon. Cellulose will need to be contained throughout the period allotted for weight loss. However, nutritionists offer a wide variety of dietary options, which in addition to watermelon can include protein products, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and grains.

Due to its low energy value, drinking watermelon creates a calorie deficit, which contributes to rapid weight loss. At the same time, fruits contain a large amount of glucose - it suppresses hunger and allows you to survive in dietary restrictions easily and without disturbances.

Who is the diet for

watermelon wedges and fruits

The watermelon weight loss program is considered a detox diet option. This food is aimed at disposing of toxins and toxins that tend to accumulate in the digestive tract, kidneys, liver and other internal organs.

Therefore, the diet with berries can be safely recommended to people who for various reasons eat irrationally long - semi-finished products and foods with preservatives.

This is a great opportunity to clean up after eating a lot of fatty foods and alcohol. In general, every city dweller who does not have access to organic food needs periodic detox diets. The diet will be useful to all smokers whose bodies are poisoned by tar and nicotine smoke.

And for lovers of melons and gourds, the watermelon diet will be a real treat. After all, it allows you to lose weight not only effectively but also with pleasure. The classic mono diet is suitable when you need to quickly get in shape for an important event.

Important! The watermelon diet should be organized only during the "high" season of melons - from mid-August to late September. Seasonal fruits contain the least amount of nitrates that are dangerous to health.

Which diet is not appropriate

It is not recommended to limit food and sit on monodiet, which include watermelon:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • teens under 18.

The diet is also not suitable for patients who have recently undergone surgery or a serious infectious disease. In all these cases, it is better to take care of a nutritious diet that observes the physiological norm of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

For a period of high physical and mental stress it is better to give up the diet - it will reduce performance, will cause breakdown and apathy. Take a closer look at the protein diet, where the diet is more varied.

It should be borne in mind that watermelon causes frequent urges to go to the toilet, therefore, in the absence of proper hygiene conditions, the diet should be postponed, for example, for a weekend or vacation.

Frequently asked questions about diet

How many watermelons can you eat a day?

There are several approaches to calculating daily fruit intake. Some sources give the following data: 1 kg of watermelon pulp per 10-15 kg of body weight. However, with high obesity, a person who loses weight is simply unrealistic to comply with such a percentage. And the total caloric content of food consumed will be high. Therefore, the optimal figure is 2 kg of pure pulp per day. This amount will be enough to eat, observing the physiological minimum calorie content.

What products does watermelon not work with?

It is highly undesirable to consume sweets, fatty foods and alcohol with watermelon. This will not only reduce the effectiveness of the diet, but will also lead to a serious digestive disorder.

How many days can you follow a diet?

The duration of the classic monodiet, which includes the presence of only watermelon in the diet, should be a maximum of 5 days. If you are going to stick to the diet longer, supplement the watermelon with brown bread, protein foods, cottage cheese and cereals. The duration of such a diet can be increased to 14 days.

How much fluid can you drink?

Nutritionists recommend drinking regular purified or non-carbonated mineral water. It is undesirable to drink coffee, juices, any sweet drinks, but weak green tea without sugar is allowed. Given the fact that watermelon is practically a hard water, the norm is drunk water can be reduced to 1 liter per day.

How many calories are there in watermelon?

Watermelon is a low-calorie food. 100 g of watermelon porridge contains about 30-40 kcal. For comparison, 100 g of bread - 265 kcal, 100 g of banana - 90 kcal, in a glass of kefir - 120 kcal.

Are there any rules for eating watermelons?

Purchased melons are dangerous with a high concentration of nitrates. Therefore, it is best to acquire fruit during the peak season - starting in mid-August. The cut slice should be eaten, leaving 2-3 cm from the bark, where there is the most nitrates. Store sliced ​​watermelon in the refrigerator is allowed no more than one day.

How many pounds can you really lose?

The watermelon diet for weight loss is different in effectiveness. It all depends on the duration of special dishes and supplements in the form of other foods. It will be possible to lose weight by 3-4 kg in 5 days and if you follow the diet correctly for 14 days, then you can see a loss of 10 kg.

What to do if you can't lose weight?

If the arrow on the scale stubbornly shows the previous figure in the first 2-3 days, do not worry. As a rule, in the beginning the body adapts and recovers to a new diet. On the third or fourth day, the body weight should be shifted from the dead center.

What is the minimum diet time?

The watermelon diet can be used for weight loss in one day - the so-called unloading. Small weight adjustments (up to 1, 5-2 kg) can be achieved in two days of eating watermelon.

Are there many vitamins and other nutrients in watermelon?

The concentration of vitamins and minerals in watermelon is low. The pulp contains the most vitamins C, A, E, PP, B9, B6, B2, B1. Of the minerals in the composition can be noted especially potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. But the fruits are rich in fiber and lycopene - this is an organic compound performs the function of antioxidant and prevents cancer.


Given the indications for diet, it is worthwhile to indicate what benefits are expected from the watermelon diet:

  • allows you to lose weight effectively in a short time;
  • due to its diuretic effect, it cleanses cells of toxins;
  • relieves swelling and lowers blood cholesterol;
  • has a laxative effect due to its high fiber content, helps to avoid constipation, normalizes digestion;
  • provides the body with vitamins and minerals;
  • has anti-cancer and choleretic properties.

Practical benefits of eating watermelon:

  • makes it possible to lose weight with pleasure, especially for watermelon lovers;
  • blocks hunger well, although the effect lasts a short time;
  • watermelons are an affordable and inexpensive product during the season;
  • fruits do not require cooking - it is enough to buy the required amount of watermelon and the finished dish will always be at hand;
  • no need to count calories.


The watermelon diet is dangerous with its diuretic effect, which is harmful primarily to the kidneys. The danger also lies in nitrates, which are saturated with fruits grown with the support of a large amount of fertilizers. The disadvantages of the diet are the high levels. glycemic index - satisfies hunger quickly, but not for long.

It is therefore forbidden to follow the watermelon diet with such diagnoses:

  • diseases of the urinary system and kidney stones - provokes colic and exacerbation of inflammation;
  • diabetes mellitus - causes a sharp drop in blood sugar;
  • pathology of the pancreas - affects the secretory function;
  • diseases of the digestive system (colitis, enterocolitis, any form of diarrhea) - worsens the disorder, slows down the healing process.


Important! The watermelon diet is allowed to be used only by healthy people, without pathologies of the kidneys, pancreas and digestive tract.

Watermelon with watermelon options

a piece of watermelon

The classic version of the watermelon diet is to consume only watermelons. The daily dose should be divided into several meals - from 3 to 6. Between watermelon dishes it is allowed to drink purified water or unsweetened green tea. This power supply option is quite difficult and is especially difficult to tolerate. To make weight loss more convenient, it is recommended to combine watermelon with other types of products.

Watermelon protein diet

The combination of juicy fruits and healthy proteins allows you to lose up to 6 kg of excess weight. And thanks to the diversity of the diet, it is possible to adhere to such a diet for quite a long time - up to 10 days.

Ideal products:

  • dietary lean meat - chicken, turkey, beef, rabbit;
  • sea fish with white and red meat - tuna, pink salmon, salmon;
  • dairy products - skimmed milk and cottage cheese, hard cheese, natural yogurt;
  • proteins.


Duration of the diet - 3 days, during which you can lose up to 3 kg. The effectiveness of this program is related to the diuretic effect of both watermelon and kefir. Weight loss is ensured by removing excess fluid and increasing digestion speed.

During the diet you should drink low-fat kefir (not more than 1%) and eat watermelon porridge. The ideal proportions of the products are 250 g of watermelon and 250 ml of kefir, which should be consumed every 3 hours during the day.

Watermelon and melon

A diet in which watermelon is supplemented with melon can be used as an option for a hungry day. You should not rely on rapid weight loss. You will lose a maximum of 1. 5 kg, but the abdomen will go away and the waist will become slimmer. On a hungry day it is necessary alternate the use of melon and watermelon - eat 250 g of fruit every 3 hours. Drink clean water during breaks, but do not mix the two cultures in the same meal.

Watermelon diet with black bread

The diet lasts 10 days. With strict adherence to the diet, it is possible to "melt" up to 1 kg of weight every day. Thus, during the diet you can count on minus 10 kg of initial body weight. To each portion of watermelon add 1-2 slices of bread - rye or bran. All other foods are completely excluded from the diet.


For those who feel hungry, consuming only watermelon, you can advise to add low-fat cottage cheese to the diet. The daily norm of cottage cheese is 500 g, watermelon is 1, 5-2 kg. The whole volume of products is divided into equal parts and consumed separately throughout the day. Another diet option is the joint consumption of food, but only in the morning. After 15 hours you only need to eat cottage cheese. The duration of the diet can be any, but not more than a week. Weight loss is really up to 7 kg.


Buckwheat porridge has many useful properties and high nutritional value. By supplementing the watermelon diet with buckwheat, you can forget about the feeling of hunger, but at the same time get rid of 3-4 kg per week. For the day you need to prepare the daily norm of watermelon and 1 kg of dumplings. The porridge is cooked in water and without oil. On this day it is allowed to eat fresh vegetable salads, drink green tea, mineral water and purified water with lemon.


Rice can also help you cope more easily with dietary restrictions on your own weight and health benefits. It is better to choose "healthy" varieties of rice - brown or wild. The optimal duration of the watermelon-rice diet is 4 days. Expected result - maximum weight loss 3-4 kg. The daily diet will include 100 g of porridge for each of the three meals and 2 kg of fruit.

Important! The average weight loss following a three-day watermelon diet is 2 kg. If desired, the program can be repeated after one week.

Watermelon Apple

The diet of apples and watermelons lasts 5 days, while weight loss will be noticeable - up to 5-6 kg per course. The proportions of the products should be chosen in a ratio of 1 to 1, 5 - that is, for 1 kg of apples take 1, 5 kg of watermelon (without peel). Apples are best eaten fresh, but if their juice is quite sour, the fruit can be baked. Putting fillings (sugar, honey, jam) in baked apples is undesirable.


The weight loss program with low-calorie cucumber and watermelon is suitable for anyone who needs to get rid of 5 kg in a short time. Similar results are completely achievable for 5 days of dietary nutrition. The daily norm of 2-2, 5 kg of watermelon is divided into 5 intakes. Cucumbers are eaten for breakfast (3 pieces), afternoon tea (3 pieces) and for dinner with watermelon. You can also make a smoothie (sorbet) with the addition of mint and lemon juice.

Stop the diet

Gradually leaving the watermelon diet is a guarantee that the lost weight will not return, and health will be normal. The amount of watermelon eaten gradually decreases over the next 3 days, on the 4th day the pulp can be completely canceled.

From day one, they increase the amount of fresh vegetables in the diet - they will come to replace watermelon. The additional menu will depend on the variant of the chosen diet. If cottage cheese (kefir) is present in it, cereals and meat are introduced, if a protein diet is followed, enter porridge, etc. You can return to your usual diet after a week, trying to adhere to the principles of healthy eating.