Pierre Dukan Diet

"If diet after diet to lean meats, preferably boiled, celery root and eating well me a lot, even if you eat the snack cake Meat Loaf". Yes, eating dumplings and bread, pizza and burgers, biscuits and cakes, but yes, friends, a diet! A correct diet is! Unexpectedly? This account of men of all Thanksgiving address, the French nutritionist Pierre Dukan. After all, this system includes a great power and such a method of weight loss has created pretty extensive for a list of the allowed foods and tastes to create lots of them. All this works very effectively, results, and more importantly, many delicious and varied food. But first, let's take a look.

dukan diet

To start a diet

First and foremost, what you need to do before you start Dukan Diet Weight with this account on the official website and at the same time get a personalized program with their correct durations for all stages.

  1. Do not neglect the suggestions that you will get e-mail. If 55 calculates the right weight, so this weight and the effort required the right fitting 45 pounds.
  2. Definitely recommend that you follow staff. In the first stage of the program is calculated for 3 days, no renewal on its own initiative.

Restricted diet people under the age of 18, however, according to the latest data, Duke Diet girls age 17, male, only 18 years.

Dukan diet phases

Extract diet French nutritionist boils down to the 4 stages that should be shared:

Attack – to start your business is an important mechanism in all stages with the shortest Slimming System-wide.

Call or cruise – long primary weight loss through diet and occurs during a scene.

Fixing, or the body's system for a smooth transition to the consolidation phase for proper nutrition, for attachment to the results and help prevent weight gain back.

Image stabilization – stage in which proposed to preserve the lifetime of the stick, the results achieved.

Unchanged mode estimated for all phases of drinking at least 1.5 litres of clean water a day.

The first stage – Attack

This can work as the shortest and most effective provides and Metabolism Diet all phases of the first results obtained in a short period of time. This principle is based on eliminating carbohydrates and fats protein foods minimize time consumption for food only. This phase – 2 to 7 days.

The obligatory scene attack is 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran daily consumption of the amount.

The attack phase includes the following products are permitted:

Lean meat

  • Beef – steak and all the parts except for jeans;
  • Veal;
  • Horse meat;
  • Rabbit;
  • Offal, beef tongue, beef liver.

During the attack phase the forbidden pork and lamb


Let any bird, duck and Goose also:

  • Chicken and chicken livers, stomachs;
  • Turkey;
  • Guinea fowl;
  • Quail;
  • Partridge


Is there any restriction for these products. Let's even oily fish mackerel, salmon, sardines, etc. In addition, this category is given:

  • Canned fish, just not necessarily in its own juice;
  • Smoked fish;
  • Capricorn stick.
fish diet


As it is, fish, seafood, including, without exception:

  • Shrimp;
  • Calamari;
  • Mussel;
  • Capricorn, crayfish, lobster;
  • Oysters etc.


The most basic rules when choosing Ham:

  1. Product fat 100 g should not exceed 4%;
  2. Must be a ham, chicken or Turkey.

Eggs and dairy products

  • Eggs (chicken, quail) permission be consumed in any form – boiled, omelette or fried, most importantly, the use of eggs frying non-stick Cook pan and add oil (for frying, use 1 drop of oil).

If you have high blood cholesterol level, then you need to limit intake of egg yolk to 3-4 weeks. Protein can be consumed in unlimited amounts of.

  • Milk and dairy products 0%-oh fat – yogurt, cottage cheese granules, soft cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. the cardinal rule as a part of, this product should be no sugar.

Second stage – Arda

Is that this phase is added to the menu, various vegetables and herbs. The main rule scene – alternate days of Pure Protein A Day, protein and vegetables.

Interleave schema without comment everyone: 1/1, 2/2, 5/5 and even. The last and most difficult option is quite hard for a body all recommended. Duke came to himself slowly, in the opinion of the most perfect and just as boring Scheme b – BO Day 1, so 1/1 Ayse, 1 day SB.

Scene and allowed for alternation in very large quantities for use as food vegetables:

  • Cucumber;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Bulgarian pepper;
  • Radish;
  • Cabbage (all kinds);
  • Asparagus beans;
  • Spring;
  • Spinach;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Every hair salad;
  • Eggplant;
  • Squash and zucchini.

Vegetables allowed carrots and beets – just for their own use that must accompany some rules:

  • An unlimited number of these vegetables can be consumed raw;
  • This heat-treatment, 200 grams a week;
  • Carrot juice – a banned product.

But unfortunately, not all vegetables can be consumed at this stage diet.

Starchy foods are not all banned foods:

  • Potatoes;
  • Beans;
  • Peas;
  • Lentils;
  • Figure;
  • Egypt

Both products are still prohibited, including all grains, cereals, as well as the avocado, a fruit and nothing, but I often accidentally belongs to him vegetables.

This protein foods and vegetables, the doctor in 2017, with some of the changes diet. For example, Progressive Change, Duke let eaten, nuts, regular fat (a serving of nuts to eat every day today that you use to eat any fat).

  • 25 g almond;
  • 50 gr raw peanuts;
  • 35 gr of roasted peanuts;
  • Nuts 22 gr;
  • Walnut 22 gr;
  • Cashew gr 28;
  • Gr a Brazil nut 21;
  • 22 gr of pine nuts;
  • Seeds, sunflower seeds 30 g;
  • Pumpkin seed, 30 g;
  • Sesame seeds 28 gr.
securing the scene

Third stage – Stabilization

Most important at this stage as all the your diet allows you to secure and return to the results obtained still are in the majority. Stabilize after reaching an important and difficult way to note that in the fight against overweight must be passed (some people are big, overweight, interleave scene comes sometimes a year or even more). And just think, at least your writings are not in vain, the third phase of the Dukan diet to end all worth it.

At this stage the most important but also most “horse” between the fans of the power of this system. Psychologically many people are reaching the desired weight, diet. Capture joy, Breaking Bad, and as a result, “al”, everything is back.

Fixing the duration of the tour is calculated with the formula diet for 10 days for every kilogram lost. If so, you reset 10 kg diet, so the scene will be secure, 35 kg for the last 100 days – for almost a year, yet to follow all the rules dr. Dukan.

At this stage, already known to us, are added to the diet the following products:

  • Fruit;
  • Whole wheat bread;
  • Cheese;
  • New type;
  • Starchy foods foods;

At this stage, no longer alternate day protein and protein-vegetables, but protein one day a week with the use of a mandatory condition 1 is the consumption of foods attack phase (this should be usually same day).


From the stage Placement, you a meal, 1 serving fruit. Of course, in part, this is a relative concept and this one looks different for a person, but on average, this is, for example, 2 apricots or 1 apple, a slice of watermelon, a small plate, blueberries, or strawberries, etc.

It is forbidden to Stabilize the phase, the following fruit:

  • Banana;
  • Grapes;
  • Dried fruit.

Bread whole wheat bread

Pleasing as another, a new phase Dukan diet bread. It is important to choose just the composition of bread. Place bread or Bran (Bran flour to bread dough and just that), or whole wheat bread (just toast this essay should be a piece of flour).

During the stabilization phase, let a serving – 2 slices of bread.


Such as the following a new product, at this stage, the cheese will be. Preferably, the hard cheese also cheese brie, Roquefort, and goat cheese. It is desirable to select such as cheese, cheese as offered on our shelves:

  • Pushkinskiy;
  • Near Kostroma airport;
  • Dutch;
  • Gouda et al.

The main rule is eating cheese – this is a portion of it, which should be 40 grams in weight.

Et new species

We can add a few other meats available in the list of different kinds:

  • Raw lamb – the main refrain of the top layer;
  • Roast pork;
  • Normal Ham – so-ham fat already it's not possible to dwell and pay attention.
and starch products

Products starchy foods

In the books the scene in the first half servings of starchy products in the second half of the Week Allow 1 – 2 servings

Account sharing Anchoring the scene in half. You can do by yourself and your staff. For example, if the first 50 days after 100 days will be allocated to identified according to the calculations of the first half, the second, the second, respectively.

Taste and enjoy delicious food and choose your desire products specified below. Remember, it's only something only you can choose to eat listed below, only 1 time, the last 7 days.


At this stage the most appropriate product in this category. Most importantly, without comment pasta, cooked durum wheat, as well as adding to the cooking process to avoid grease or oil, cheese. In addition, you can take a small amount of pasta, sprinkle with parmesan to make a sauce or fresh tomatoes.

220 grams of pasta equals a serving


A very useful product, rich in slow carbs, consumed with a permit during Phase I are seen. The rules are the same, as it is not to use oil when cooking pasta products.

A serving of lentils equals about 220 grams

Couscous, polenta, wheat

Another addition to our diet – delicious foods from Eastern cuisine. This rare guests in our kitchen, but it's still a small amount to the eye at this stage of the diet. Cooking usually remains unchanged – we add Not Oil.

A serving equals 200 grams

Rice and potatoes

It is not for nothing that the two products have finally settled on our list. All innovations – rice and potatoes are recommended to be consumed as few as possible. Cooking has changed – çanakkale without adding fat. To select the shape that you desire you are happy, or unpolished, as well as brown or basmati. When potato – main rule – it just untreated food (in uniform), steamed or bake in oven.

A plate of rice is equal to 220 grams.

Fries 125 grams equals.

Fourth phase – Stability

We came here the last phase Dukan diet. This phase is very short according to the rules, but that the longest of all previous life that you must adhere to you at this stage. But don't be scared – it's already out, the right weight, already, itself, now the main task – to maintain for a lifetime. So, you just work, eat right (except for the type of harmful product, sugar, fast food, etc.). The rules are simple:

  • Drinking mode;
  • 3 tablespoons of oat bran daily;
  • 1 Pure Protein days a week.
diet menu

Weekly menu (sample)

Sample weekly menu that will be presented in this section, the split stages. But beware, this menu is constructed is extremely simple meals that does not require long cooking. In reality there is a large amount recipes, this diet can be seen in the days and months.

And remember, this is not Dukan Diet Meals limits the amount used, does not force you to count calories. The main rule – only products consumed list

Attack menu

Remember, at this stage what should, exactly how many days, how many calculated calculator official website! Do not increase, at this stage, on its own initiative.