Proper nutrition for weight loss - eat and lose weight

We hear so often that in order to lose weight, you need to eat right. However, if you ask, then most do not know what should be even breakfast, which will give useful substances to our body and will begin the proper processes of weight loss. And all this because we put different meanings in the concept of "proper nutrition".

fruits and vegetables for weight loss

Some praise the protein diet, sharing their results, others talk about the harm this diet can cause to the body, still others advocate monodiet, and still others with two hands for starvation. How not to get lost in this noise of ideas and what to eat to lose weight?

There's really only one truth: "eat less than you spend, remembering that food should be nutritious. "In addition, the nutritional value of food is not calorie. Dietary food is food rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, protein, minerals, fats, carbohydrates.

It's not really that hard to create a menu for your daily diet, you just have to take the time to be patient and use the right information. And throw out of your arsenal all the tools that are supposed to help you lose weight without your participation.

fruits will help a girl lose weight

Proper nutrition for weight loss: the importance of vitamins in our diet

In modern realities, even eating healthy, natural products, it is impossible to give all the substances a person needs. Especially if we try to limit calories. Therefore, it is important to choose for yourself a vitamin-mineral complex that has everything to fill the daily deficiency of these substances. And let's not focus on vitamins for those who want to lose weight, everything that is "for weight loss" is more often than not a long-term benefit for those who lose a lot of weight. And we don't need a temporary result, do we?

What and how to eat to lose weight: what carbohydrates are needed?

The problem in the diet of the vast majority of people is the choice of "fast" carbohydrates, but they do not give us a feeling of satiety, are immediately absorbed into the blood, increase the level of sugar in it, provoking subsequent hunger and overweight. herbal weight loss productsAnother thing is the "slow" carbs, which do the exact opposite, so you can choose from the list below when compiling a menu for yourself for the day:

  • Portion of buckwheat or
  • Portion of brown rice or
  • Portion of brown oatmeal or
  • Portion of wholemeal pasta or
  • Portion of millet or
  • Portion of wholemeal bread or
  • Portion of yeast-free bread (rice, buckwheat, oats, rye) without sugar or
  • Portion of wholemeal pie (unleavened bread) or
  • Portion of baked potatoes.

There should be two such portions of "slow" carbohydrates a day: morning and afternoon. Then in the evening you will not feel hungry.

What you can eat to lose weight: protein and amino acids

Without protein, it's hard to imagine a healthy diet, especially for those who exercise, because protein helps build muscle tissue. Who does not eat protein, he loses weight due to muscle mass, and then with surprise and despair watches how the lost weight returns after a while. As a snack, protein has many benefits. The proteins are found in:

  • lean meat;
  • proteins;
  • fish and seafood;
  • chicken;
  • turkey;
  • cheese (low-fat, not more than 25% fat);
  • low-fat dairy products.

What is allowed to eat to lose weight: vegetables, fiber, fat and fruits

Do not eliminate fat from your diet because there are healthy fats, in addition, the role of fat in weight loss is very important. To know: 2 tablespoons vegetable oil or 30 grams of your favorite nuts - your daily intake of healthy fats.

For those who are losing weight, the right menu should include unsweetened fruits (300 grams) and vegetables (300-400 grams). This amount will provide the necessary fiber, dietary fiber, which also helps to lose weight.

What vegetables and fruits can you use to lose weight?

You can eat all kinds of vegetables except canned peas and corn - these are "fast" carbohydrates, useless.

And for the fruits, stick to this rule: banana, mango, grapes - they are eaten "one by one" in the morning, no later than two o'clock in the afternoon.

What should be the portion?

  • If you eat porridge, your plate should have as much as it can hold in two palms, no more.
  • Your palm is the size of a piece of meat or fish.
  • You can eat as many vegetables and fruits as fit in two of your palms, plus the same amount.
  • Slices of bread or bread - 30 grams (two slices).
  • A glass of milk or kefir.
  • Natural yogurt - 100 ml.
  • 180 grams of cottage cheese.
  • Replace sweets with dried fruits (2-3 pieces at a time), honey, homemade jam or dark chocolate (not more than 20 grams).

Menu on how to eat right and lose weight

For women who want to lose weight by eating the right foods, the menu should be as follows:

  • Breakfast: lentil porridge (pearl barley or corn porridge, unpolished rice) plus boiled chicken breast, herbs.
  • Snack (second breakfast): 1 apple and 250 ml of kefir or a handful of nuts or 2-3 prunes.
  • Lunch: soup or fish soup, stewed or boiled fish, vegetable salad, topped with 1 tbsp olive oil.
  • Snack (afternoon breakfast): grated carrots with nuts.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese with sour cream or seafood salad, or turkey with boiled broccoli.
vegetable salad for weight loss

Such a weight loss menu is exemplary, focusing on it, you can compose your own diet, which will not disrupt your diet, but will help to properly lose weight.

Do not overeat if you feel the need to spend a hungry day, "sit" the day on kefir, celery soup, apples. At a party, give up fatty foods, you can afford a glass of dry wine, but only if it does not whet your appetite.

What else should you give up?

Manipulating weight loss, many give recommendations without going into details: carbohydrates once began to be considered the enemy of the figure, without specifying that there are useful and harmful carbohydrates, and then began to aggressively attack fats because of theircaloric content, without specifying that without fat we will not have a feeling of satiety, proteins also have it.

In fact, you can eat almost anything just by limiting yourself in quantity and combining foods properly. The list of overtly harmful foods that should be eliminated from the diet is not so huge:

  • Forget about chips and salted nuts.
  • Popcorn, popular recently, is a source of trans fats and chemical flavor enhancers. dishes that you should give up when losing weight
  • Stop buying instant noodles, mashed potatoes or soups in bags.
  • Store-bought bakery products for long-term storage.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Ready meals, especially fried fish with monosodium glutamate and fried pies.

These foods not only have no nutritional value, but can also harm our entire digestive tract (intestines, liver, kidneys).

Otherwise you have a huge selection of products for your daily menu, combine them properly, do not overeat, move a lot and you will gradually reach the goals you have set.