Ducan's diet for every day: the pros and cons of the menu

Ducan's diet, with a daily menu that uses protein foods, is a weight loss technique named after its creator, the French doctor Pierre Ducan. This scheme was developed thirty years ago, but the diet gained its greatest popularity only in 2002 with the publication of Ducan's work called "I can not lose weight. "

Weight loss technique by Pierre Ducan: characteristics of the ketogenic diet

At the end of the last century, it was believed that the best way to get rid of excess weight was a diet based on limiting calories and the amount of food consumed. French general practitioner Pierre Ducan has come up with another solution to the problem of obesity - Ducan's diet, whose daily menu should include protein foods and some vegetables.

Ducan's program is based on the so-called ketogenic diet. Its principle is that the body of a person who loses weight does not receive carbohydrates from food, respectively, he must use an additional source of energy, which in this case is his own accumulated fat. As a result of their separation, ketone bodies are formed, which actually release the necessary energy.

It seems that everything is fine - the body receives energy and at the same time gets rid of unnecessary fat. In addition, the Ducan diet, whose daily menu includes the use of sufficient food, does not make you feel hungry and allows you to adhere to the rules of eating not only at home but also at work.

Polish scientists conducted a scientific experiment involving overweight women. As a result, it turns out that following the rules of a diet without carbohydrates really helps to lose those extra pounds.

However, not all are so simple. The fact is that in the first place the body is considered to consume glycogen from the liver and only then begins to break down fat, that is, the process of ketosis begins after the liver's stores are depleted. In addition, its success is directly dependent on insulin production.

Remember that following a diet can provoke an excess of protein in the body, which will create additional stress on some organs, especially the kidneys and liver. There is another disadvantage of this method of weight loss - insufficient intake of fiber in the body, which can provoke a violation of digestive processes, leading to constipation.

To eliminate such troubles, it is recommended to deal with weight loss by the Ducan method only after prior consultation with a doctor and under his supervision.

Ducan's diet: daily menu, food table recommended by the author

protein foods for the ducan diet

Dukan's famous diet, daily menu and table of recommended foods to include look like this:

  • milk and dairy products - low-fat varieties of cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt, lightly salted feta cheese, yogurt;
  • fish and other seafood - squid, shrimp, mussels, crabs and others;
  • poultry and rabbit meat. You can use beef and veal;
  • vegetables - beets, cucumbers, herbs, radishes, cabbage, onions, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, squash;
  • quail or chicken eggs.

The four phases of the Ducan diet, the menus at each stage

fish with vegetables for the ducan diet

The Ducan diet, whose daily menu includes the use of mainly protein foods, consists of 4 stages:

  • The first is the attack

This phase of weight loss is designed for rapid weight loss (about three pounds a week). Such an effect during the attack period is most often explained not by the loss of fat accumulation, but by the withdrawal of fluids from the body. The main goal of the first part of Dukan's diet, whose daily menu excludes the use of foods rich in carbohydrates, is to increase the motivation for further weight loss.

  • Alternation

The task of the next stage is to gradually achieve optimal weight by including protein products in the menu, as well as permitted vegetables. The duration of the second phase is approximately seven days per kilogram of overweight. All products included in the dish at that time were selected in accordance with the rules of application of "Ducan's diet, menu for each day. " The table of recommended products for which was developed by the author of the methodology for weight loss. By the way, in case of weight gain in the last stage, some previously acceptable products may be banned.

  • Consolidation of results

Ducan's diet, whose menu for each day in the last phase of consolidation is designed in such a way as to exclude the possibility of further weight gain, becomes less strict. During the consolidation of results, each following day, the food menu may include cheese, some types of bread and some fruits. In addition, the author of the diet allows several times a week to organize the so-called "stomach holidays", that is, to pamper yourself with small portions of high-calorie food. The duration of the consolidation phase should be about ten days per kilogram of lost excess weight. As a rule, in the second and third stages of weight loss by the Ducan method, a person loses about 400 g per week, which refutes the rumors about the rapid burning of excess fat.

  • Stabilization

In the fourth stage, the Ducan diet, whose menu for each day for the previous three stages implies significant restrictions, allows the use of almost all foods, subject to certain rules:

  • once every seven days, make an exclusively protein day, ie on this day the menu should not contain foods rich in fats and carbohydrates;
  • oat bran should be present in the diet every day;

Pay attention to increasing physical activity. If it is not possible to work out in the gym, then you can always find time for jogging or walking. Another option is to cancel the elevator and make a few stops each day.

The last stage of weight loss by the Ducan method should last as long as a person wants to stay in shape and not be overweight, that is, it is advisable to adhere to these rules throughout life.