Abdominal exercise for women at home slimming and side

Fat accumulation on abdomen and flanks, the actual question for many women. A "lifeline" around the waist, has a negative impact not only externally but have provoked the mental state of the woman, a different species complexes and low self-esteem. Imagine, a full-service slimming diets ideal figure so fair she refuses to sit down, completely forgetting to get rid of fat without a comprehensive process. And proper nutrition is important for a good result, and a full education and a great determination, coupled with willpower. All of these points in more detail then.

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The reasons training belly fat and sides

There are a few basic reason for fat accumulation in the abdomen and the flanks to make a claim on the property of:

  • the environment is a stressful situation, provokes a fail, the normal functioning of a human body (in this expression, for example, in case of sudden change of time or insomnia) and excessive eating, overweight demands;
  • fail hormonal in the body, provokes, and rapid weight gain and, as a result, in addition to the accumulation of fat and abdominal region;
  • poor diet, containing numerous oily, spicy and smoked food driven worse in the body excessive water edema and unwanted delays fast food;
  • passive lifestyle, that contribute to an accumulation of most of the oil reserves in a short period of time;
  • in existence of all kinds of diseases , mostly diseases like this one: diabetes, problems, high blood pressure, the cardiovascular system and the tendency of a pressure;
  • genetic predisposition.


I think a lot for what it is, flat stomach, waist, narrow and thin, quite stable descargar abdominal muscles, but in fact it is not. Such a pumping because this oil does not go to a place with just the right lateral abdomen and the systematic contribution of anaerobic load.

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We offer the Educational Complex "15-50"that occurred, the specific exercises should be repeated between 15 and 50 times a single approach.

The desired number of approaches in one single application: 1-3 depending on the degree of eligibility. To begin, the least amount that you need to exercise to perform exercise, 5 repetitions each exercise and gradually a new figure this week.

Exercise 1 – knee Traditional slat with the rise

Lie to the starting position – face down on the floor. In this case you need to rely, long sleeve and socks to the feet, the palms must be according to the angle, shoulders, and back, neck and hips should form a straight line. And slowly work your way up to the elbow, it is necessary to left knee, then bend your left knee back to the starting position and must continue to do the same thing only already left elbow. And so at least 15 times each leg.

Exercise 2 – Standard slat hip rise

The starting position for this exercise, similarly, earlier, already it's not going to be the only hand is in a straight position and bent elbows. In this case, to be the wife of the head pretty tight and the waist – sagging floor. Essence does not raise up slowly is to exercise the pelvis, relaxing the muscles of the abdomen, and then back to the original position. Technique to perform quite a complex exercise, so exercise to reduce the number of repetitions allowed for the first five.

Exercise 3 – Pull-Ups, knee from the position "a lie"

The starting position is lying on your back, legs relaxed, arms along the body. Must, slowly, straining, he lifted abdominal muscles and legs, knees, stomach, and then slowly back to the starting position, leveling up, them parallel to the ground.

Exercise 4 – "Wipers"

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The starting position, Ground Floor, Al, divorced, tense sides and legs perpendicular to the ground. Gotta put one foot slowly and smoothly to the first right, then left, not propagate them from each other while doing it. First, let's workout legs bent the knee directly to the side slopes to be made in the legs similar it's a hard habit to quite. Each side 25 curved to perform an exercise.

Exercise 5 – foot by pulling up

The starting position is lying on your back with your legs together, tense and gender, and consolidated throughout his hands behind his back, head, fist each other. Must pull power lines at the same time, knee, foot, and hand and foot. Then pull-ups, gotta get back to the starting position again and repeat the exercise.

Exercise 6 – "Scissors"

Here the starting position to the initial position in a manner similar to the third exercise: this exercise. Necessary, stretching a body abdominal muscles and leg lifting on the ground, at an angle of about 30 degrees after the upgrade one of them up down the other not touching the ground, and in order for them to change. Another variation of this same exercise: a foot on the side of optimistic, diluted, and then in slow motion the two of them communicate with each other.

This training will be particularly effective along with, loads of cardio, like: walking, jogging, running, cycling, skating or swimming. This kind of alternative can be a lot, but combine with each other, but in the latter case, it must not be forgotten to follow for cardio it took me an hour more time.

Proper nutrition

Diet and proper nutrition for a great value.

To achieve maximum slimming effects in a short time, you must create so-called "calorie deficit". If talking in simple language, when your body manages to consume, then try to consume fewer calories than you need throughout the day. In this case when you search something, the more energy and resources to use these fat cells, which us something you need to remove. Here is a map sample menu week slimming, abdomen and flanks.

There are two ways to create such conditions of the body for:

  • You eat fewer calories than food intake to reduce the balance in the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is very important).
  • Spending a little more active exercise calories is not the very act of sitting in one place (the food is the same as before).

If to talk about losing weight you should definitely limit during these products, it will be:

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  • alcoholic beverages;
  • calorie sweets and pastries;
  • fried or fatty foods.

Shown in your daily diet by adding low-fat dairy products, any grain porridge, and cooked foods using heat treatment in the following ways: baking, steaming, braising or baking.

And finally, throw the little secrets to help remove the extra weight, the fat on the sides and belly is much faster:

  1. Try to drink as much liquid as possible and one day, the desired daily volume is at least 1.5 to 2 litres (8 glasses).
  2. A great love, such a drink, try to drink 1-2 cups a day is recommended to reduce the consumption of coffee, drink this only in the first half of the day;
  3. Fractional Power necessary for a practical method: divide every 5-6 small meal a day with a snack between a small time interval, and therefore the effect is always to achieve a feeling of fullness.
  4. Remember to use helps to clean out the lint, the body of unnecessary toxins and the fat cells in active Division.