A single desires to have a slim figure is not enough, they are supposed to work on this topic to manifest an incredible effort. First step is to abide by the rules, healthy eating or diet. Moving her to a normal lifestyle and quit bad habits, accelerate the metabolism and burning of fat layer your clothing. To lose weight so that I don't think only expensive and exotic product. An effective diet is developed for the poorest population on simple and affordable products.


To accept to achieve a positive outcome, three conditions are necessary for successful weight loss: healthy eating, physical activity, and restful sleep. To get friends it's not diet, discomfort, and a person is always in a good mood. It's not worth it you deprive yourself of your favorite products, starvation, and focus on a better balanced diet. Must be present in the product list: soup, porridge, dried fruit and fresh fruit, steamed fresh vegetables, lean meats, varieties of nuts, milk and milk products.

In the list of the most wanted slimming diets

Dukan Diet

The Fast diet based on a high second-hand protein foods. Respect the rules, you can reset a month ago, 20 kg. Not that hunger to be understood, but except fat and carbohydrate diet for the first few days that you want only protein and meal products. Energy recycling requires a lot of protein, so takes her out of the body, and fat stores. Gradually entered into a diet, carbohydrates and fats. Diet pregnant women and nursing mothers. Pregnant and nursing mothers to maintain the diet its own weight, as well as troubleshooting them in case of extra weight the set. All the features and limitations you should consult your doctor.

Kefir diet

Any version of this strict diet. But products – the most healthy. Kefir diet weight loss the purpose of Issue 5 kg 5-8 days, but it's durable and you can reset it by applying 14 kg in 3-4 weeks. Yoghurt and sit, drinking his cup every 3-4 hours, adding he neither sugar nor syrup. Possible this diet three days at the most but I'm growing it out. Kefir diet have options with fruit, wheat and other products.

Milk diet

This suggests Fast Diet-to-use milk or a combination of different products. That can withstand use for only 3 days on the first day of drinking this milk with a glass of milk 2 hours, 1.5 hours on the second day of each product in a glass, drink a glass every hour the third day. Clean water to drink at intervals during this period, that need to be taken for vitamin complex not, of course, the depletion of the body. Combined with a diet which has milk and dairy products, fruit, boiled meat or fish with vegetables.

product groups

Barley diet

The concept of a barley krupa a lot of useful items: iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, and vitamins E, A and B. list helps weight 6-8 kg a month. But it's not appropriate because not all of the provokes increased gas formation and bowel disorders. You need to cook porridge semolina with water to dry shoes in the evening, swelling, and morning mashed 200 g barley resource. Nothing to add to it, if only pepper to taste. To use the obtained mush, one day, it can't be more, only drink water and herbal teas. Information on a strict diet, 5 and 7 days.

The Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet to lose weight and interesting. Essence that are used in meat and sausage. Gotta Çanakkale proposed to overcome a number of product and counting points. Get a result that lasts, that could be a month or a year even.

Diet magic

A really good diet, is the model frequently applied to him. Tomorrow's going to take it easy for seven days, 4-6 kg. The property gives large amounts in the diet of boiled eggs and vegetables consumption of protein in the body and vitamins.

Salt-free diet

Excessive amounts of salt in the body leads to obesity, hypertension, constipation and edema. This diet and even diet. Should be deleted from the diet completely or to minimize the consumption of salt.

Rice diet

Rice grain contains all the useful substances the safest diet because the body. You can use rice to spend a day of fasting, a course of 3 days or weeks. Boiled rice, without salt and the food should be divided in a few receptions, sometimes diluting a slice of poached fish or vegetables.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

Raw yogurt is taken and is poured in the case of croup a few hours for the swelling. Displays toxins, gently cleanses, normalizes digestion and bowel, therefore promote a week to reset 10 kg. Those who a sick stomach are not recommended.

Apple diet

You are on this diet for the different options: 1-10 days. But a very popular weekly diet. Has a workshop with an Apple on initial weight. Yesil is a good there are apples, they're much less sugar. Surely consume them fresh or bake them in the oven as you can use it to make purees, yogurt also promotes weight loss.

Cucumber diet

Cool cucumber diet, because vegetables are tasty and light. A salad by adding cucumber or other there just to make them low-calorie it's a vegetable. You may be on a strict diet because of malfunction so it's not worth sitting such as long term courses.

healthy eating

Oatmeal diet

Porridge diet for excess weight the appropriate ones, and so have health problems. Oatmeal sit and write, so it could be a week to 10 kg more fat. Fiber is also Crupet, quickly images, body toxins and waste. Of the intestinal wall is restored, and more harmful substances accumulate.

Diet Gipoholesterinova

High cholesterol leads to stroke, heart attack, atherosclerosis. Eating all that fat and harmful carcinogens. This diet aims to accelerate processes of change and normalization. Prohibited fatty foods, fried foods, foods that contain plenty of fibre expect.

Kefir-cucumber diet

This diet does not require large expenditures and are in a huge demand because of strong. In emergency situations that is applied before any celebration. Diet can be for a short period of time, better to apply a day like fasting. Products low-calorie not only weight loss, but at the same time detoxify your body toxins.

Montignac Diet

This diet information is for fast results, that are used for products based on low glycemic index. For this we again not only the power supply system, a life at the same time. Requires the use of high glycemic index products, increased secretions of insulin the pancreas, and in the end leads to appetite, as a rule, and diabetes. There can be Foods with slow carbohydrates with a low glycemic index as a part.

Model diet

Thanks to this diet, 5 pounds in 3 days kg. Diet information, 3 days and 7 days a week, but that's pretty tight and not every can withstand. Extract diet – this addicting game 1000 kcal / day. Recent food diet, at the latest 15 hours. The food in small portions 5 times a day, drink 2 liters of liquid. Before this diet, consult a doctor because you will need to sit down and the lack of food in the body can adversely affect the long-term.

Unicenter diet

For that purpose, the patient, not just lost pounds but I've corrected the health. Before making this recipe diet some abdominal surgeries. Allows to get rid of excess weight, 5 pounds a week. Food, raw food, and not to mix, for example, fruits and dairy products. Products that are allowed to use only one at one time also.

Metabolic diet

Diet gets rid of 10 extra pounds a month. Consuming products achieve this, accelerating the metabolism. Changing hormonal background in the body: insulin increased adrenaline and testosterone and estrogen both by reducing the production of the next. The preferred protein food and fresh vegetables.

Grapefruit Diet

This fruit diet is designed in different ways. There is a fruit that requires a lot, so you can't sit attracts people diet diseases of the digestive system. If permission is granted, diet, drink, fresh fruit juices and fruit consumption in the form of a salad with greens. Weekly diet suggests decompression, nutrition, and other products.


Diet, health

For those who are fit don't want to do at one time or another to exercise or sport. These courses are designed for people who need surgery for complications of oil. A week tomorrow don't believe in, to lose 10 pounds, but only 3 days a week and allow very inadequate diet salad vegetables, drinking mineral water or boiled meat and cheese and other milk.

Strawberry diet

Athletes usually applied when drying, always low-carb food with protein is replaced. This is a strict diet that requires mandatory compliance. Slimming exercise program along with a proper diet and exercise, fit, drinking regime, you should drink 2 liters of water per day.

Pregnant diet

Obliged to comply with correct diet and a woman carrying a baby to term fetal development. The extra weight and proper nutrition that allows you to not deprive you of it a mother waiting for the toddler to beneficial ingredients. Remove small portions of food and food products harmful to follow the diet as a useful, but often.

Who's To Protasov Diet

This is comfortable a diet that require strict restrictions on eating, but he needs to follow is a long time. According to the statement, to drink milk and dairy products containing protein and fiber rich vegetable. The body's protein and energy for life for making the cell constant bowel is cleaned.

It's a fantastic diet

Two weeks helps to reset 8 kg, but everyone kept him standing. This is not recommended for working people and students. In addition it is contraindicated to athletes. Let beverage kefir, yogurt, milk, a small amount of fruit and vegetables.

A light diet

Are the ones who designed it, has the function of slimming health diseases of the digestive system or digestive organs. A starvation diet is not recommended, eat it too – a lot. Cooking simple meals, without excess fat, baked, fried, or boiled. To buy food and the fractional portions are small. Food should be warm, but hot or cold.

Expert opinion

This article shows you how to demand for a single purpose accommodation of various diets — weight, beautiful appearance, or healthier. In fact, more to your diet, but if you look from a scientific perspective to completely understand what dietetics, or vice versa.

Selected special for each issue, reconciled and balanced diet. So, eating a certain type biliary tract disorders in kidney disease, diet, atherosclerosis, and so on. The increase in the number of claims these diets because they are no one they work hard.

Although dozens of different options to create a reason quite sufficient but unique slimming diets, and only eating the correct type that was recorded when a complete diet, but reducing its energy reduced by a combination of fast carbs and refined oil.

Facilitate and sit in its own way because each one of them worth mono situation is flawed. Perhaps the only exception, providing no salt diet and excess fluid from the body of the kick to make it 3-4 days facilitate the work of the heart. So, the banana diet may be caused by potassium levels in the blood and, if a person is running bad arrhythmia and a passion for the kidneys went to the hospital. Grapefruit Diet abrasive processes should be administered in patients ulcerous, gastrointestinal system, and the like. Therefore, any contraindications in some cases transport-short courses of therapy and a better diet can bring starvation diet, aim to reset the maximum body weight the least amount of time.



To choose a course with plenty of choosing the best diet in the diet is not difficult. There is only one thing to watch is not important, and what is not, but also on the ability are harmful to your health. Don't get carried away, choose one and do it regularly to eliminate extra pounds the proper diet required for different apply.

Are required to perform the positive effect in reducing weight carried diet rules:

  • Suitable for diet. You need to get food, and at the same time, the accelerated process is learned better and beneficial ingredients sharing. Breakfast should be up in 9 hours, always answer the lunch – up to 14 hours and in the evening at the latest 17.
  • Eat right. Signal saturation enters the brain, and after only 20 minutes, then you already really full. For this reason, you must quit eating a feeling of a slight hunger, not inflated. Didn't chew food for a good digestion, eat a big piece.
  • Snacks consumed products cannot fast carbs: sugar, cakes or cookies. If you want a sweet, good food, apples, prunes or dried apricots, in their absence – 1-2 slices of dark chocolate.

For weight loss is not absolutely necessary, negligence, hiking, skating or ice skating.